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Harry and Heath not only have drive, passion, and ingenuity, but they also have the one thing that makes them successful, both as businessmen and humans...


Hi! My name is Harry Bennett, I am fourteen years old and I am a freshman at Matignon High School in Cambridge, Ma. Science, History, and French are my favorite subjects. I would like to study Marine Biology and theatre in college. Besides raising money for cancer research, my passions are theatre and cooking. In my free time, I like to play piano, swim, skateboard, play video games, camp, hang out with my family and friends, and our dog, Watson. This cause is so important to me because only 4% of federal government funding for cancer research goes to childhood cancers. We believe that children deserve more than 4%!




Hi! My name is Heath Bennett, I am ten years old and in the fifth grade at St. Joseph School in Medford, Ma, where I am a member of the Student Council. My favorite subjects are English, Math, and Science. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher and a chef. In my free time, I like to cook, (I make awesome scrambled eggs!), camp and hike with my family, play video games, bike with my mom, and play with my brother Harry, our friends, and our dog, Watson. My favorite sport is swimming and I am on the Melrose YMCA swim team - my favorite stroke is the butterfly! I love going on road trips and staying in hotels! I hope we find a cure for cancer so kids won't get sick and have to go to the hospital!

Two young men with two huge hearts working hard to make a difference for those suffering with cancer. My life has been enriched since the day I met the Bennett Brothers and their mom and dad. Oh, and they make great lip balm!
Everyone should have one!
— Geri Morris Pompeo, Owner, Shear Madness Hair Salon
Stop by and see the lovely ladies at  Shear Madness Hair Salon  in Medford, Ma and pick up a Balm!

Stop by and see the lovely ladies at Shear Madness Hair Salon in Medford, Ma and pick up a Balm!