Last year, Bennett Brothers Balm donated a box of Balm to our friend, Ray at the Medford, Ma based charity, Children are Angels from Heaven. After a very long, crazy journey through Europe (including Ireland and Switzerland), Bennett Brothers Balm finally arrived at it's final destination in Rourkela, India. We are so excited to finally see these photos and share them with you! 

Thank you, Ray, for all you do for the people (especially the children) of India! 

Much Love ,

Harry & Heath 

Hi Harry & Heath

These photos were sent to me from the Sisters in Rourkela. 

You see the Sisters passing the Balm out to young girls who work in the gardens & some of the Sisters. I do know an envelope has been sent to me 6 weeks ago from Rourkela with what I hope is a very short DVD of the Balm and also report cards of sponsored students for people here in the USA...It has not arrived yet.. When it does I will let you know.

I know both of you boys work very hard with the Balm and it is very special what you do with the money. I admire both of you for what you are doing.

Ray O

Children are Angels from Heaven

501(c)(3)Non Profit Charity