Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hi Friends! We thought you might like to see what our feedback was from our E for All Pitch Contest entry! It's pretty cool to read what people think about our business idea and it makes us very excited for the future of Bennett Brothers Balm! :) -Harry & Heath

Reader1: Ideas that are born out of a personal experience have that special ingredient, passion. You definitely have created something out of wanting to help and comfort your friend through his cancer treatments. I admire what you are doing. As you are students and ages 11 and 7, I would like to know who is guiding and helping you? It sounds like if this is FDA approved you will have many more outlets to sell your products. Who will be presenting these products to hospitals and other facilities? I am sure you have grown and learned a lot...and I can only imagine in a few years all that you will know about growing a business and selling products. Where do you hope to be in the next 5 years?

Reader2: Dear Harry and Heath, Thank you for your application to the EforAll Lowell-Lawrence All Ideas Pitch Contest. This is an absolutely wonderful idea and business! The social mission is powerful. It's so impressive that you've developed this and you're only 7 and 11. There are tons of programs and opportunities for young entrepreneurs, so definitely keep at this. I'm definitely recommending you to Pitch. Be sure to reach out to the staff at EforAll for support if you need.

Reader3: You are such an inspiration! What great friends you are! I hope you continue with this effort and are able to raise lots of money for Dana-Farber. Good luck!

Reader4: This is the greatest idea I have heard in a while. This idea has that special element of passion and love in the product. Any idea with a cause really changes the game. I would suggest to see if you could partner with big box stores as a specialty product.