December 6, 2017

A few weeks ago we donated a box of Balm to our friend, Ray O'Brien, an amazing human who runs Children Are Angels From Heaven, an organization dedicated to helping profoundly disadvantaged children pursue productive and meaningful lives. Today we received this message from Ray re: our shipment of Bennett Brothers Balm and we would like to share it with you! Ray was very disappointed that the Balm did not arrive in time for him to personally deliver it, but it DID finally arrive and we are so excited!!! Our Balm traveled from Boston, to NY, to Dublin, Ireland, to Switzerland to Mumbai, to Calcutta, to it's final destination in Rourkela!!! How cool is that!!!

Much Love to Ray and everyone involved in getting our Balm to India. We wish him safe travels home to Medford! 💜💜💜

PS: We will be sure to share photos with you when we are able.

Hi Harry and Heath,

I received a telephone call early this morning in Kolkata >>>>The Balm has arrived in Rourkela today!

I have given the Daughters of the Cross Sisters instructions what to do....

Everything will work out now, the only problem is, the photos will all be mailed to me in Medford by Registered mail when everything is given away....then I will give them to you to see...I hope this is ok with you ??? I also hope that you have looked at the tracking of the Balm, it sure has traveled to many places!

Don't worry, God will look after us and the project will be completed soon.

Thank You for your help.

I leave for home Fri night. If you have any questions please call me when I get back.

Ray O