November 19, 2017

Hi Friends! Bennett Brothers Balm has some exciting news to share! Due to some quality issues we were experiencing with our tins, we decided to upgrade the packaging of our Original Lip Balm and our Tummy Troubles! The new containers are Polypropylene Plastic (PP), which is not only safe and highly durable, but also fully recyclable with a low environmental impact. We care very much about producing a high quality product that you will love and want to buy again and again, while also being kind to the planet and your wallet. Since Tummy Troubles is such a special, unique product for us, we wanted it to stand on its own next to our Original Balm, so we gave it a new container and doubled the volume. These little jars will now cost $10 for 1.2 OZ of product. Our Lip Balm will remain at $5. Thanks for your support and we hope you will love our new packaging as much as we do! 💜